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Welcome to A Willing Heart to Please the Father

I'm so glad you took the time to visit this site. It contains the amazing true life story of my dear friend Dr. Andrew C. Stenhouse, MD, whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for around twenty-eight years. He began having supernatural encounters with God at a young age, and received a very unique calling, when he heard God's audible voice to become a medical doctor. 

Because of his willing heart to please the Father, he went on to serve as a physician on four continents over a period of 55 years, published several scientific studies in various medical journals, and received numerous academic awards. He also experienced God's supernatural protection, guidance, and faithfulness, as well as unusual, divine results in the patients he cared for with a very special compassion that he had for people. His life is a living example of what it means to have a willing heart to please the Heavenly Father, which is something that's so important for all of us to have. 

His life story is told in short, fifteen-minute segments (on average), in which I interviewed him over the phone. You will find the links to each blog post below containing the transcripts and audio recordings, so that you can read along while you listen to it. You may also download the podcast, if you prefer to do so. I believe the Lord will use it to speak to your heart. Enjoy!

Chapter 1 | Early Childhood: Carried on Angel's Wings

Chapter 2 | Later Childhood: God's Protection During Bombing

Chapter 3 | Teen Years: Choosing a Career Path

Chapter 4 | Called to Be a Doctor: The Voice That Changed Everything

Chapter 5 | Medical Studies: Confirmations of God's Direction

Chapter 6 | Residency: Delivering Island Babies

Chapter 7 | Post Graduate Experiences: Sailing with Half a Million Sheep

Chapter 8 | Experiences with the Lord in England: Divinely Appointed Birthplace

Chapter 9 | Experiences with the Lord in Afghanistan: God's Angelic Protection

Chapter 10 | U.S. Private Practice: Divine Results with Patients

Chapter 11 | U.S. Medical Practice in the Hospital and Hospice: Caring for People

Chapter 12 | Credentials: Counting it All Loss

Epilogue | Homegoing

Appendix: Medical Articles Published by Dr. Andrew C. Stenhouse


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Author's Note: The podcasts in the above posts total 2.5 hours of listening time altogether. All material herein copyright 2021 Doulos Missions International, Inc., all rights reserved, no unauthorized duplication permitted. You can find my most popular blogs at Writing for the Master.


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